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Don't Waste it, Just Scootle it !

The average lotion bottle contains up to 25% waste than the traditional pump is unable to reach. SCOOTLE will fit in your lotion bottle and convert it into a flexible lotion scooper so that 25% becomes usable product and in turn saves you money.



SCOOTLE was innovated in YEA ~ The Young Entrepreneurs Academy, Chicago, ILLINOIS ~ Where Ideas that make everyone say YEA! This groundbreaking and exciting class transformed a young middle school girl into real, confident successful YOUNG Entrepreneur.



The existence of SCOOTLE is because at an everyday life people use makeup and lotion. But when the lotion or makeup is done and cannot come of the bottle what do we do. Some people throw their bottle away and some people cut the bottle open (if possible.) But now people don’t have to do this because you can save 20-25% of wastage and I have built a product that will save you from wasting so much product.